Ecuador Rio Pano


Ecuador is one of the countries with the highest numbers of streams. The Andes run through the entire country. The rivers on the west slope drain into the Pacific Ocean, the East side flows into the Amazon.

Most of the time the rivers are fast-flowing and continuous but we also find “Pool and Drop” rivers in Ecuador. As well all rivers offers different difficulties and make Ecuador to an ideal holiday destination for everyone.

Ecuador Cofanes Camping


Ecuador is the home of mostly every  world's climate zone. In the lowlands up to an altitude of 1,000 hm it is  tropical rain forest and  hot humid clime. If you go up to Baeza 2,000 hm the rain forest turns into cloud forest and it gets a bit colder. Over 4,000 hm the ecuadorian mountains have less vegetation and everythink gets more alpine.  

Ecuador Cofanes Camping

Country and people

Ecuador is a safe destination, politically stable, with a good infrastructure. The biggest danger is you don´t want to go home again.

Ecuador Cofanes Camping

Travel Time

Ecuador is a country you can visit all year round. Because it is located close to the equator, it is never really cold and also not extremely warm because of the altitude.

On the east side of the Andes, were we will paddle mostly, December and January are the driest month. Weather provides perfect water levels in this area. In the following month, the river getting higher and higher because of the coming rain season in the European summer. 

Laguna Quilatoa

Also away from the breathtaking rivers we have some interesting tours to offer

  • Explore the jungle tour, where you get to know aboriginal tribes in their traditional way of life, as well as the diverse flora and fauna.
  • Angling Piranhas at Laguna Limoncocha.
  • An exciting ascent of one of the many snow-capped volcanoes.
  • A leisurely hike to an idyllic mountain lake.