Determine the degree of difficulty — we put together your own tour

Ecuador offers whitewater in all difficulty levels and characters. We plan a vacation package suitable to you.

Tours around  WW 3 we perform  mainly in the region around Tena, where  we will less-continuous rivers  with warm water. Perfect to learn the basics of kayaking.

Also the Río Upano with  raft support is a great option. For the more difficult Rapids, just jump in  the raft and enjoy the landscape.

Tours for  WW 4 paddlers are mainly in the region of  Baeza. Here, the rivers are fast-flow,  and  continuous and more intense. The Rio Quijos, Rio Cosanga and Rio Oyachachi offers several sections with different difficulty.

 For advanced and adventurous kayakers we provide the option “Los Baños”. We explored this region first this year. Los Baños delivers “Mini-Expedition” and Waterfalls all around the difficulty WW4/5 .

But also Nonpaddler get their money with us. We organize raft trips, rainforest walks, trekking on old Inca paths or simply sightseeing and visit an Indio market.


More impressions you will find on Vimeo / "Cuddelbuddy Bro´s and Friends"

Fixed date with guaranteed implementation "Kayaking WW3 on New Year’s Eve"

We spend Christmas in Baeza at Gina. Afterwards go to Tena in the Amazon basin. We take a 2-day raft trip with an overnight stay in an abandoned Indian village and to a jungle lodge at the request. We celebrate New Year’s Eve in Baños at Abby. We paddle almost every day in warm water and enjoy the time. Flying home January 6te or like later. Your stay can be integrated into  the program.

Flights from Amsterdam are available from € 800. For tours safety guide, transport and accommodation take about € 900. ZET are kayaks for hire on site. You bring paddles and personal equipment. The difficulties vary considerably in the 3 regions of Baños, Baeza and Tena.